S&B Cold Air Intake (2017-2019) - Ford 6.7L

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S&B Cold Air Intake Kits are engineered to maximize the amount of airflow to your vehicle's engine. Tested to the ISO 5011 standard. S&B, however, takes it a step further using their extensive research and development to craft some of the best Cold Air Intake Systems on the market. 

Factory intakes cannot compare to the airflow provided by S&B. Among their innovations is their custom air box. It's design keeps unwanted engine air & loose dirt out of your system while providing protection to your air filter. It's clear top, an industry first, allows for easy inspection. 

All S&B Cold Air Intakes come complete with a premium S&B Air Filter, providing maximum airflow and engine protection. High quality cotton gauze is used to provide optimal flow and filtration to your vehicles engine. S&B Cold Air Intake Systems are made in the U.S.A. and are backed by a 1,000,000 warranty. 

More Air, More Power: When its cool out, remove the included plug from the secondary box opening, and engulf an insane amount of air. With the secondary port open, air flow is increased by 6.9% with a cleanable filter and 4.9% with a dry filter. 

Easy Inspection and Maintenance: Knowing when to clean your filter is as easy as opening your hood and seeing when its time to service your filter thanks to S&B's signature clear lid. Custom molded for strength and to accommodate a huge filter. The lid shields the filter from engine heat and debris for better performance and longer filter life. 

Quality Parts: From the Cold Air Intake house to the screws that hold it in place, S&B is committed to giving you nothing but quality parts. 

Bigger Tube Means Better Air Flow: With an intake tube that's less restrictive and larger then the stock tubing you can rest easy knowing your engine will be breathing to its full potential. We even threw in a silicone hump coupler for better fitment and a tighter seal. 

Huge Filter and Oversized Snorkel: All things equal, the more surface area on a filter, the better it will perform. This filter is so big, you may need a hoist, and with the oversized extended snorkel this kit pulls in even more air!

2017-Current - Ford 6.7L Powerstroke 75-5085 , 75-5085D