No Limit Fabrication EGR Race Kit (2011-2017) - Ford 6.7L

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This 100% American made kit uses only Billet and Stainless plates to block the 6.7 Power Stroke EGR system. It uses a high temp hose to connect the high and low cooling sytems together yielding 3-5 degrees in coolant temp drops from stock. This kit includes everything necessary to successfully remove the complete cooler assembly, It also includes a 1/4" NPT bung on the exhaust port plate to read egt on your H&S mini maxx using the factory EGT sensor from your exhaust. As well it inlcudes a 1/4 x 1/8th NPT bushing to give you the option of using an aftermarket EGT sensor like an EDGE Insight CTS , or any other aftermarket sensor. This is the only kit on the market offering options for both. Please note this is one of the few kits actually made in America on the market.

* Optional Pass Through Plate *

This pass thru plate allows connection of the coolant systems that currently no other major manufacturers offer. With a 3/4 " path , there is no restriction , and can aid in slightly lower coolant temperatures.