Mishimoto 13-14 Dodge RAM 2500/3500 6.7L Cummins Transmission Cooler

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There’s no greater enemy for a transmission than heat. Whether your 2013-2014 RAM 6.7L Cummins is a dedicated tow vehicle, hardworking fleet truck, or a daily driver with a liking for the dragstrip, you need to ensure that your transmission runs cool. Luckily, Mishimoto has developed a direct-fit transmission cooler to do just that. Our 2013-2014 RAM 6.7L Cummins transmission cooler utilizes a tube-and-fin core with internal fins to balance flow with efficient cooling. With a massive 82% greater core volume, 112% increase in fin area, and 1.34-quart fluid capacity for improved cooling capacity, this trans cooler is a huge improvement over the stock unit. To make even better use of that extra core volume, the Mishimoto transmission cooler utilizes fins within the tubes to not only add more cooling surface area, but also ensure more of the fluid contacts the tube, leading to better cooling efficiency. All these improvements make the Mishimoto transmission cooler the ideal replacement for your stock transmission cooler. Installation of the Mishimoto 2013-2014 RAM 6.7L Cummins transmission cooler requires no cutting or other modifications. Like all Mishimoto products, this transmission cooler is backed up by our Lifetime Warranty with Accident Protection for worry free cooling as long as you own it.