Mishimoto 03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke High-Temperature Thermostat w/ Housing

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A defective thermostat can result in engine overheating and potential internal damage. Improve the reliability of your 6.0L cooling system with a Mishimoto Ford 6.0L Powerstroke High-Temperature Thermostat and cast aluminum housing! This thermostat is designed as a direct-fit replacement for your aged factory unit. The Mishimoto thermostat has a higher activation temperature (200?F) compared to the factory thermostat (192?F). The higher activation temperature restricts coolant flow longer to allow a quicker engine warm-up, making this thermostat ideal for use in cold climates. The cast aluminum housing will provide a proper seal and will not rust over time. Like all our Powerstroke Performance parts, this thermostat and housing includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.