KC Turbos Intake Plenums - 7.3 POWERSTROKE (L1999-2003)

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Intake Plenums

Feature & Details:

  • Includes Bolts
  • Made from high Strength Billet Aluminum.
  • Eliminates boost leaks
  • Plenum inserts not needed
  • Ready to install w/ RTV silicone


This set of billet intake plenums will fit all late 99-03 7.3 Powerstroke diesel. Designed to eliminate the very common leaky issues that the stock plenums have. Air leaking past your plenums is known as a “boost leak”. This will raise EGTs, increase smoke output and can kill performance. This is especially true when running any kind of upgraded turbocharger and upgraded injectors. These plenums were made to withstand all the boost you can throw at it. in addition, these reinforced inlets will withstand the crushing force of any boot clamps, thus eliminates the need for plenum inserts. To get a perfect air tight seal, high quality RTV silicone is required during installation.