KC Jetfire S2r Gen 3 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo - 6.0 Powerstroke (2003-2007)

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KC Jetfire Stage 3r

Gen 2 Dual Ball Bearing

Supports: Up to 205cc/75% injectors

Features & Details

  • Upgraded Gen 2 Dual Ball bearing
  • Our redesigned Lighter and Stronger Jetfire 68x94mm single plane point milled billet wheel with extended tips to 100mm
  • Upgraded .70ar race compressor cover our signature drilled hole anti-surge ring for maximum air flow
  • Our redesigned Jetfire 74x70 quick spool 10 blade turbine wheel
  • New high flowing vanes
  • Upgraded unison ring
  • 100% drop in ready (no modifications required)
  • New VGT solenoid
  • Brand new! NO CORE required


Are you ready for the for the fastest spooling, most powerful stage 3 turbo on the market?  We have spent years redeveloping and testing our new Gen 2 KC Jetfire stage 3 Gen 2 Dual Ball Bearing turbo and it is finally for sale on the open market.

This is a real game changer for the 6.0 world. A dual ball bearing stage 3 vgt turbo that is a 100% drop in application and is guaranteed to spool faster and make more power than any other stage 3 turbo on the market.

This turbo works great on stock injectors, but is capable of 650-700hp with larger injectors and supporting mods. It has great street manners and will make your truck feel lighter and more fun to drive.