GDP Digital Sotf Switch With High Idle

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GDP Tuning's Digital DSP-5 switch allows you to easily change your EFI LIVE or EZ LYNK DSP-5 tune at the push of a button. Large 1″ LED numerical display clearly shows what tune you are in, even at a quick glance.

  • 6 Position Switch
  • Color LED Display
  • High Idle Control Function
  • Easy to Install
  • ACC 12 volt Output
  • SOTF Switch for EFI LIVE & EZ LYNK
  • Illumination with Factory OEM Controls


Works With


01-16 Duramax EFI LIVE  &  EZ LYNK
11-17 Power Stroke EZ LYNK
13-17 Cummins (coming soon) EFI LIVE  &  EZ LYNK