Fabtech 2017 Ford F450/F550 4WD Diesel 6in Front Dirt Logic 4.0 Reservoir Coilover - Driver

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Dirt Logic 4.0 Resi Coilover. The Dirt Logic 4.0 provides the ultimate in hardcore offroad dampening capacity with superior highway comfort in a big package. This massive high end shock is designed for full size vehicles that required the biggest and best Coilover shock in a bolt on configuration. Nothing else comes close. Features: 4.0" OD Stainless Steel Body. 3 5/8" OD Billet Aluminum Piston. 1 1/4" NitroSteel Black Piston Rod. Cold Wound Coil Springs. Adjustable Coilover Construction. 3/4" Spherical Ball Mounting Ends. 4.0" OD Aluminum Remote Resi. Extended Length - E25.31. Collasped Length - C16.81. Stroke Length - S8.50. Top Mount - B2 . Bottom Mount - B1.
4.0DLSS R/R 17 SD 450/550 6in. DRVR