CTT Mail In Tuning Service (2020-2021) - Ford 6.7L

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This is a Mail in Service for Bench Flashing your ECM of YOUR 2020 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke with a CTT File. Once we receive your order, we will email you an Over Night shipping label for you to Ship YOUR ECM to us. Once we receive YOUR ECM we will bench flash YOUR ECM and send it back to you with Over Night shipping. From there it is a simple plug and play.

TCM Transmission Tuning is Optional but is Highly Recommended as the Stock Tune is not designed to Hold Added Power.

We have 2 options for you to choose from. You can either Purchase or Rent an HP Tuners Device from us to Flash your TCM in the truck. This will need to be done with the ECM installed so we recommend to Wait to send your ECM until you have received the HP Tuners Device from us. Once you receive the Device, you can Pull the Stock TCM file from your truck and send it to us to be Modified. Then you can send your ECM to us as well. Once we Return your ECM to you an E-Mail will also be sent with your modified TCM file that can now be Loaded and Flashed in your Truck.


Engine Bench Flash, Single (ECM) + Over Night Shipping = $950

Transmission Tune (TCM) + HP Tuners Device Purchase +4 Credits + Over Night Shipping = $839.95

Transmission Tune (TCM) + HP Tuners Device Rental +4 Credits + Over Night Shipping = $650


Power Levels:

Stock+ = 480HP

Tow = 500HP

Street = 540HP

Race = 580HP