Banks Power Pedal Monster Kit (Stand-Alone) 07-19 RAM 2500/3500/11-20 Ford F-Series 6.7L Use w/Phone

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What Is It?
PedalMonster is the first OBD-II connected throttle sensitivity controller for gas and diesel vehicles. Controlled via Banks iDash or mobile app, PedalMonster is the only module of its kind to offer safety features like ActiveSafety®, Reverse Safety and Adjustable Low-Speed Trim.

City, Sport, and Track modes, each with 10 sensitivity levels
OBD-II connected
ActiveSafety failsafe circuitry with Health Monitoring
Reverse safety returns pedal to stock in reverse gear
Adjustable Low-Speed Trim controls how fast sensitivity is added at slow speeds
Powered by +12V via OBD, not low-overhead pedal circuit
Controlled by iDash DataMonster, iDash SuperGauge and mobile app
PedalMonster stacks with any flash or inline tuner!!! Not just Banks
View PedalMonster's activity in real-time via iDash and mobile app
Simple plug-and-play installation
Warranty friendly. Does not leave footprint after removal.
50-State Emissions Compliant

Emissions Compliant: D-161-135, 141

US Patent #10,933,885
PedalMonster, Throttle Sensitivity Booster, Standalone for 2007-2019 Ram 2500/3500 and 2011-2020 Ford F-Series 6.7L
Improve throttle response, adjustable and safe

Bring your vehicle to life with PedalMonster. City, Sport, Track with 30 levels of control. The only OBD-II connected throttle sensitivity controller. Adjustable low-speed trim, reverse safety, and ActiveSafety circuitry included! PedalMonster stacks with any flash or inline tuner!!! Not just Banks.