Banks 85-19 Ford F250/ F350 10.25in 12 Bolt Black Milled Differential Cover Kit

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Fuel Economy was tested on the Mustang dyno using the OBD-II fuel flow rate and vehicle speed data, as well as the Banks emissions analyzer to measure fuel economy calculated from tailpipe emissions. The dyno was calibrated to simulate a 7,500 lb vehicle with an engine output of 30 HP required to maintain a 50 mph steady state speed. The truck was warmed to operating temperature then held at a constant 50 mph for a fixed length of time to procure an accurate average fuel consumption. The test was repeated for all covers as per their respective manufacturer’s fill level specifications.

Features and Benefits
Banks cools 5X better than flat-back covers in on-road towing tests over the same road, same weather, operator and vehicle
Banks cools 118% better than flat-back covers in controlled 200hp 60mph sustained dyno tests
New patented design features Ram-Air scoops
Forces air up and into massive heat radiation fins providing the fastest cooling on the market
Provides cold high velocity air, overcoming “dead air zone” behind differential
Engineered to break-away if snagged on an obstacle
Internal heat absorption fins transfer heat through the cover to the external fins
Dry-mount high-pressure silicone O-ring seal. No messy RTV clean up when servicing differential
Clears spare tire heat shield, Panhard bars and other suspension components
Lowest point is the rear differential housing, not the Banks Ram-Air cover
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fluid Dynamics
Cover mates perfectly with differential housing for unobstructed fluid flow
Ring gear raceway controls the fluid flow path to the pinion and bearing sets
Axle tube lubricant guides direct fluid to axle bearings without over-filling
Low fluid aeration means longer fluid life
Ram-Air Differential Cover Kit, Satin Black/Machined, w/Hardware for 1985-2022 Ford Sterling Axle 12-bolt with 10.25/10.5 ring gear
Patented design cools 5X better than flat-backs

Banks Ram-Air differential cover extends lubrication life and retains fuel economy. Thanks to its superior fluid and aerodynamics, the Ram-Air Cover out-performs stock and flat-back high-capacity covers and does so with less lubricant. Increased distance between service intervals and less lubricant means you'll save money while extending gear life.

US Patent #10,443,705