aFe ProGuard D2 Fluid Filters Oil F/F OIL Ford Diesel Trucks 11-17 V8-6.7L (td)

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Pro-GUARD D2 oil filters deliver increased flow and efficiency that is demanded from heavy duty diesel applications. They are constructed with a high strength steel canister and a heavy duty coil spring. They also feature a 3/8" nut/ratchet drive with a 1" square boss built-in to the filter for easy removal. This oil filter comes with a built-in seal for a leak free installation.
Pro-GUARD D2 Oil Filter; Ford Diesel Trucks 11-14 V8-6.7L (td)
Hassle-Free Removal; Hassle-Free Installation; 3/8" Ratchet Drive with 1" Square Boss Built In; Heavy Duty Coil Spring; High Strength Canister; Built-In Seal Design; Minimal Flow Resistance; Maximum Filtration
Ford Diesel Trucks 11-17 V8-6.7L (td)