aFe BladeRunner Turbocharger Street Series 94-98 Dodge Diesel Trucks L6-5.9L (td)

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The BladeRunner turbocharger is constructed of high quality A356 cast aluminum using a ported shroud compressor housing eliminating turbo bark and compressor surge. This turbocharger utilizes factory mounting points and retains the factory air control valve for a safe and hassle-free installation. The turbocharger is equipped with a 58 or 67mm inducer and a 76 or 84mm exducer for reduced turbo lag and maximum performance and power. The BladeRunner turbocharger comes standard with a heavy-duty billet aluminum wastegate actuator set at 40psi. New gaskets are supplied for a leak-free seal.
BladeRunner Street Series Turbocharger Dodge Diesel Trucks 94-98 L6-5.9L (td) (12V)
Dodge Diesel Trucks 94-98 L6-5.9L (td) (12V)