aFe BladeRunner Replacement Intercooler Couplings & Clamps Kit for 13-14 Dodge RAM Diesel 6.7L (td)

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Reinforced Silicone: These hump coupler hose features 5-ply reinforced high temperature material which meet or exceed SAEJ20 Standard. Hump Coupler Hoses: Allow for expansion, movement, and extreme vibration between two hard pipes while reducing the possibility of connections coming apart or having your hard pipes or other equipment break. Note: This coupling kit fits aFe intercooler tubes only
BladeRunner Intercooler Couplings & Clamps Kit; aFe Tubes Only Dodge Diesel Trucks 13-18 L6-6.7L (td)
RAM Diesel Trucks 13-16 L6-6.7L (td)