Absolute Performance Wastegate Kit (2015-2017) - Ford 6.7L

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Absolute Performance 2015 Wastegate Kit designed to work with the 2015 Ford turbocharger system. Using a Tial MVS 38mm Water-cooled gate, this system sets the standard for reliability, form and function. Custom flanged gate mount and atmosphere dump help with install. No cutting, welding, or prolonged install times, are a process with this kit.

Factory 2015+ VGT turbochargers come with a undersized turbine wheel and housing, which is a recipe for creating excessive back pressure with aggressive performance tuning and fuel system modifications such as nozzles and dual injection pumps. Our gate kit will help alleviate the backpressure spikes and keep you in a 1:1 ratio through the power band, which in turn will free up horsepower to the rear wheels. Trucks running DPF-on tuning with our line of upgraded turbochargers will see a 13rwhp gain with proper gate tuning.

Kit comes standard as an atmosphere dump. A precision fabbed dump tube is supplied in the kit to bring exhaust gases out of the engine bay and away from the vehicle.


Kit Contents:

  • AP- Wastegate mount
  • Tial MVS 38mm Wastegate with 28lb spring pack
  • AP- Gate discharge tube
  • AP – hardware pack, regulator, lines and fittings.


Item Ships Directly From Vendor And Can Have A 2-7 Business Day Lead Time