Absolute Performance CCV Kit (2011-Current) - Ford 6.7L

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Internally baffled crankcase vent kit. Eliminates the factory damper box to help evacuate crankcase pressure, freeing up extra horsepower for your engine! Not only does the CCV eliveate crank case pressure, it elimiantes the big, bulky factory dampner box under the hood. Making more room for custom turbo setups and intake pipe kits. Along with keeping the air charge to your turbo free of engine gases. the CCV kit also eliminates the oily residue commonly found in your intercooler and intercooler pipes with the factory setup.




100% billet aluminum canister assembly, with a integrated baffling chamber. Canister utilizes a port matched inlet oriffice and 1" discharge hose. Keeping oil loss at 0% and making it the highest flowing kit on the market.


CCV works with all factory and non-factory turbocharger systems


Item Ships Directly From Vendor And Can Have A 2-7 Business Day Lead Time 




Kit contents:


  • AP- CCV

  • AP- Forward manifold plug

  • 15' - 1" oil grade discharge hose

  • All fittings and hardware necessary for install