KC Turbos 10 Blade Turbine Wheel - 6.0 POWERSTROKE, LBZ & LLY

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KC 10 Blade Turbine 

Features & Details:

  • Reduces EGT
  • Quicker Boost
  • Faster Spool
  • Famous 6.0 Whistle 
  • More top end performance


This is a balanced drop in 10 blade turbine upgrade for the 13 bladed 2003-2007 turbos. We offer both the 64 and 66mm turbines. This is a nice upgrade for the DIY builder that wants a little more flow on the top end and likes the sound of the 2003 whistle turbo.

**If you'd like to add a rebuild kit for the the LBZ and LLY Duramax turbine wheels, you will need to use the Extreme rebuild kit. The regular 360 or 270 rebuild kit will not have the parts you need for rebuilding the turbo with the upgraded turbine wheel.**