Garrett OEM Style Turbo (2011-2014) - Ford 6.7L

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Ford's move to the 6.7L Scorpion Powerstroke meant more top and low end power as well as better torque throughout the power band. Ford engineered this engine in-house to be the cleanest and most powerful Powerstroke engine ever. One way it was able to achieve those gains over the prior generation 6.4L Powerstroke (equipped with a massive BorgWarner dual turbocharger system) was through the use of the SST / Scorpion VNT dual boost single SST3266V Garrett turbocharger. The first of its kind, this Garrett turbocharger contains the world's first dual-sided compressor wheel. This innovation enables two-stage engine boosting out of a single turbocharger, essentially allowing the single sequential turbocharger to act like a dual turbocharger system with less weight and greater reliability. Traditional variable vane turbochargers don't require a wastegate and prevent over-speeding by opening vanes in the turbine housing. This unit, in contrast, uses variable vane technology to achieve desirable and quick spooling, while also using a wastegate to eliminate possible over-speeding. Early units supplied to Ford featured a ceramic ball bearing system that was prone to fail, and this unit has been redesigned to incorporate a steel ball bearing to address that issue once and for all.

  • Low friction ball bearing system reduces mechanical loss and improves responsiveness and fuel economy
  • Wastegate-on-VNT bypass valve allows a high power point by bypassing the turbo
  • Steel ball bearing ensures efficient and long-lasting operation and has been redesigned from earlier ceramic ball bearing units
  • Pedestal mount is not included. Ford suggests reusing the stock mount
  • When this stock turbocharger fails, it often blows seals and allows oil into the intercooler. We suggest at a minimum an intercooler inspection and possibly a replacement at the same time the turbocharger is replaced.