BD Diesel Sway Bar End Link Upgrade Kit - 01-19 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500HD/3500HD

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Whether making necessary repairs or upgrades to your steering setup, or running stock to 2" lift or leveling kits, BD's NEW sway bar end links for 2001-2019 Chevy 2500/3500's are your best option to ensure your steering is tight and on the level! Longer, high-strength through bolt design sway bar end links accommodate larger tie rods and leveling kits. Durable polyurethane bushings are designed in the OEM profile to maintain articulation and durability. Leveling kits and lift kits will pull the swaybar out of position, compromising steering geometry. Additionally upgrading tie rods can also cause swaybar interference issues. BD's durable, longer, high-strength, sway bar end links correct sway bar angles and give you the additional clearance you need for those upgraded tie rods. Tighten up the sway bar assembly on your truck and ensure your truck's control is direct and confidence inspiring while avoiding that front end "clunk" that comes with worn out bushings.
BD Upgraded End Links (Pair) - Chevy/GMC 2001-2019 2500 HD / 3500HD Silverado/Sierra