Banks Power 01 Chevy 6.6L LB7 Techni-Cooler System

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Optimizes the boosted air density for higher continuous power and lower exhaust gas temperatures. Less restriction. Flows great. The stock intercooler is riddled with restrictions that cause turbulence, which kills airflow and power. Banks minimizes restrictions by making the flow area bigger throughout, from the 3 inch mandrel-bent boost tubes to the 25% thicker core, which has a whopping 34% increase in flow volume. Airflow cranks in Banks' end tanks! Most competitors have poorly designed sheet metal end tanks with square corners that choke airflow. Techni-Cooler 's large, high-efficiency custom-machined end tanks have two advantages. One: The streamlined design and rounded corners improve airflow. Two: Banks' cast end tanks will never melt or burst under high-boost conditions. The king of cool. Removing restrictions and improving airflow lowers boost air temps. This increases the density and oxygen content of air entering the engine, which amplifies power, lowers exhaust gas temps (EGTs) and improves fuel economy. And when EGTs are tamed, the tuner doesn't need to limit fuel delivery. So you get higher continuous, usable power and more safe power at any EGT. Very cool! Everything is bigger: boost tubes, aluminum end tanks, inlet, outlet, and core area. 34% more flow volume. Increases air density for more continuous power.
3 inch mandrel-bent boost tubes High-efficiency custom-machined end tanks 25 Percent thicker core with 34 Percent more volume Emissions compliant: CARB EO D-161-82
3 inch mandrel-bent boost tubes;High-efficiency custom-machined end tanks;25% thicker core with 34% more volume;Emissions compliant: CARB EO D-161-82
2001 Chevy/GMC 6.6 LB7